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What are the Benefits
of Synthetic Grass?

Artificial turf has a variety of benefits over traditional grass applications, with little to no maintenance saving you time and money.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass offers many economic benefits. With synthetic turf, costly lawn care and maintenance, such as watering, irrigation, mowing, and fertilization are things of the past. Artificial Grass Pros provides only the most low-maintenance artificial grass for homeowners and businesses.

Suitable for Various Applications

Artificial grass is suitable for any lifestyle and numerous applications. From sports fields to golf putting greens, from backyards to pet runs, from office parks to pool areas, our synthetic grass products can adapt to and withstand any environment.


Our products are recyclable and contain no trace of lead. Switching to artificial grass helps reduce water usage and avoids the harmful pesticides and fertilizers needed to keep natural grass lush and green. Artificial grass stays green year-round without spreading these harmful chemicals and wasting water resources.

Better Than Real Grass

Artificial turf has dramatically changed over the past decade – it’s no longer the hot, rough Astroturf of the 1990s. Today’s synthetic grass is woven with polyethylene fibers of varying sizes to mimic the look and feel of real grass. Artificial Grass Pros’ products are specialty engineered to be more lush, cleaner and stay cooler. Our products are made to last for years to come and make for a great investment.

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You’re getting the best of the best when you partner with Aritifical Grass Pros. We’ve installed over 5,000 synthetic grass projects!

Artificial Grass Pros offers the latest in artificial grass technologies to create turf that’s more durable, stays cooler, feels more comfortable and looks better than the synthetic turfs from even 5 years ago. Our artificial grass products provide the final answer for watering restrictions and shade issues and help eliminate the use of dangerous fertilizers and pesticides. Best of all, our artificial grass requires nearly zero maintenance which saves time and money. By eliminating costly lawn maintenance, artificial grass actually pays for itself in a few short years.

Professional Installation

Artificial Grass Pros offers premium quality turf products. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service and love to see residential and commercial properties transform. We take pride in our workmanship and customer service – our reviews speak for themselves!

Get in touch with our synthetic grass experts today and discover the many benefits that artificial grass provides.

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