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For Nashville home and business owners looking for ultra-low maintenance but realistic grass spaces that stay in tip-top condition all year round, artificial grass is the answer. We’re the leading backyard and commercial artificial turf installer in Nashville, using highly durable, cost-effective, American-made grass that remains lush, soft, and verdant for years to come.

Lawn Turf

Beautifying Nashville properties with lawn solutions that save time and money.

Pet Turf

Easy-to-maintain backyard dog runs that pets love as much as homeowners do.

Pool Turf

High-drainage pool turf and turf strips that beautify backyard pool areas.

Putting Greens

Improve your golf game in your own backyard with PGA-approved products.


From sports fields and playgrounds to dog parks and office/apartment buildings.

What Our Customers Say

Why upgrade to synthetic grass in Nashville, TN?

By switching to artificial grass, you wave goodbye to hours of maintenance every week, the high costs of upkeep, and unsightly yellowing, bald patches or divots. 

Since 2014, the Artificial Grass Pros team has helped over 5,000 homeowners install lawns, kids’ play areas, pool turf, dog runs, backyard putting greens, and more. 

Our family-friendly synthetic turf solutions look and feel like the real thing but without the laborious work or high cost of ownership. The turf comes with 15-year product guarantees, helping you make the switch with confidence.

Natural, durable, economical, and practical

Artificial grass installations can be used all year round and, even with high usage, regularly last beyond 15 years. Modern turf products not only closely resemble the look and feel of natural grass but last longer too.

With no need for watering, mowing, fertilizing, seeding or weeding, artificial turf saves both time and money for homes and businesses in Nashville, generally paying back the installation costs after around five years.

Flexible and customizable

A wide range of artificial turf products are available for multiple uses. Our professionals match the right grass for the right situations. All installations are customized to achieve the look and feel you want all year round without you needing to put the work in.

We install synthetic turf in backyards, businesses, apartment complexes or public parks. Whether your space has high foot traffic with heavy wear and tear or only occasional use, it will stand up to the elements and look green, inviting, and lush without any water.

What are the main benefits of installing artificial turf in Nashville?

Artificial turf has a variety of benefits over traditional grass applications, with little to no maintenance saving you time and money.


Saves time and money

With synthetic turf, there’s no costly lawn care and maintenance, such as irrigation, mowing, and fertilization. 

All of our artificial grass installations in Nashville are ultra-low maintenance for homeowners and businesses throughout the year — saving time and money with lower water bills and fewer items to buy at the local home or garden center.

Suitable for various applications

Artificial grass is suitable for any lifestyle and numerous applications. From sports fields to golf greens, from backyards to pet runs, from office parks to pool areas, our synthetic grass products can adapt to any environment and withstand many different climates.


Our products are 100% recyclable and don’t contain harmful traces of lead. Maintaining real grass for landscaping wastes precious water and uses harmful pesticides and fertilizers to keep them green and thick, not to mention the emissions spewed by gas-powered lawn mowers. Artificial grass stays green without the need for these harmful means of lawn care.

More durable than real grass

High traffic takes its toll on real grass lawns, easily causing wear and tear, bald patches, and muddy areas during and after rainfall.

With artificial turf, there’s none of that. It is built to last and comes with a 15-year product warranty but many installations last longer than that. Even with heavy traffic, the best grass keeps its shape, color, and immaculate appearance for many years.

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