9 Artificial Grass Backdrop Ideas

Feb 7, 2024 | Artificial Grass

Most people know artificial grass for its application on backyard lawns, putting greens, dog runs, and other horizontal surfaces—but did you know that home and business owners are increasingly using synthetic grass vertically for backdrops and walls?

The realistic, verdant appeal of artificial grass makes it ideal for decorative wall backdrops in the home and photoshoots on special occasions as well as at commercial events and photographic studios.

Let’s take a peek at a few artificial grass backdrop ideas for inspiration for your next design spree or special occasion…

Why choose an artificial grass backdrop?

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If the last time you took a good look at artificial grass was 20-30 years ago or more, you’re out of date.

What you saw then is not what’s available now. Synthetic grass has moved with the times and the technology and now closely resembles the look and feel of natural grass. 

This means that when you’re considering artificial grass backdrop ideas, you can design all the same things you’d like to do with real grass but without the hard work and mess of keeping it green and lush.

One of the main benefits of the best artificial turf is that it stays green and pristine all year round with no effort. That’s why homeowners are increasingly using grass around the home—from backyard landscaping and turf strips between pool pavers to artificial grass walls.

When used as a backdrop, you can expect the following from your artificial grass:

  • Realistic appearance—just like the real thing!
  • Available in different tones/shades 
  • Available in different pile heights/densities, face weights
  • Long-lasting: artificial grass can last 15-20 years even in high-traffic areas so in a zero-traffic environment, it’s there as long as you want it to be!
  • No maintenance is required
  • Easy to clean (if necessary)
  • The verdant green goes beautifully with all types of flowers or other decorative hangings
  • Allergy-free
  • UV-resistant
  • Color-fast
  • Weather-resistant and moisture-resistant
  • Versatile—many uses and applications at home, events or photographic studios
  • A modern but rustic aesthetic 
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly

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You may hear grass walls referred to as “vertical gardens” or “living walls”. Using real grass requires a lot of work.

Once you install an artificial grass wall backdrop, it stays permanently green, inviting, and realistic without any effort—creating the perfect backdrop for photos that end up in commemorative albums or social media posts.

9 artificial grass backdrop ideas

Artificial grass backdrops are usually created using a paneling system. The grass can be of different pile heights and thicknesses and may sometimes include leaves and other types of greenery. 

The grass is usually cut and affixed to the panels using a grid, which can be attached to the backdrop stand.

You can keep it simple or let your imagination run a little wild with artificial grass wall backdrop ideas—whether you have an upcoming birthday party, bridal shower, wedding or another special occasion.

Here are a few of the best ideas…

  1. Keep it simple with artificial grass and a message

A simple artificial grass panel with a message to fit the occasion and some appropriate lighting is sometimes as effective as more elaborate designs— as in this example:

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  1. Add decorative flowers for a dash of extra color

Real or fake flowers go perfectly with artificial grass for an extra dash of color and beauty—it’s sure to make for some lovely Instagram or Facebook photos. In this example, sunflowers are used to great effect:

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  1. Add other party decorations—ribbons and balloons

If you need your artificial grass backdrop for a party occasion, how about adding to the festivities with some balloons or ribbons tied to the grass panels:

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  1. Add vines, garlands or ferns

Want to keep things green in your backdrop? You can do that but also add texture and variety by affixing some green plants like ferns and vines to your artificial grass panels —as in this example:

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  1. Go circular with your backdrop

You don’t need to keep to the standard rectangular backdrop. How about a circular option? This one not only goes with a circle but includes an eye-catching lattice design for good measure:

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  1. Create an archway design for your backdrop

Another creative take on the standard artificial grass backdrop shape is an archway design. This could be inside the home (like in this example) or outside—either way, it’s great for Instagram shoots.

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  1. Install some mood lights

The right lighting can change the ambiance of your grass backdrop. You can get creative with neon lighting (as in the following example), choose some well-placed fairy lights or use spotlights.

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  1. Add some sheer curtains to the backdrop

Sheer curtains are another attractive addition to artificial grass backdrops—especially for wedding shoots. Here’s a good example that highlights the contrast between the verdant green and wedding whites:

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  1. Place some memorabilia in front of the backdrop

If you’re celebrating a special occasion for a special person, why not make it more personalized by placing some appropriate photos and other memorabilia in front of the backdrop like in this example:

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Cost of artificial grass wall backdrops

The cost of artificial grass varies depending on its quality, intended use, and features but it generally compares very favorably with real grass over the years. 

For backdrops, a small amount of turf is needed, so you can get the perfect look from very realistic artificial grass without spending much.

Professional artificial grass wall backdrops

You’re not installing a new lawn, so no ground preparation is necessary for an artificial grass backdrop. But it still needs to look stunning, whether you’re installing it at home, at a special event or in a photography studio. 

It’s no great secret how to do that: choose high-quality, realistic-looking grass with a vibrant color and a lush texture, add one or two of the design ideas outlined above, and get it installed by professionals. 

For a quote from our artificial turf professionals in Austin, TX or Atlanta, GA, contact Artificial Grass Pros. 

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