10 Artificial Grass Front Yard Ideas [2024] With Examples

Jun 1, 2023 | Artificial Grass

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Look around Texas and you won’t see two front yards the same. That’s because spaces, budgets, homeowner tastes and design preferences are all different.

So, when it comes to a front yard artificial grass installation, there are many great ideas to choose from. 

Are you looking for something modern and eye-catching, classic and conventional or simply understated and practical?

We take a look at some of the best artificial grass front yard ideas and cover the following areas:


Backyard vs front yard artificial grass ideas

artificial grass front yard ideas

When most people consider artificial grass on a residential property, they think of a backyard lawn, a swimming pool area, a dog run, a kids’ play area or a backyard putting green. It’s a private or leisure area for you and your family — plus guests — to enjoy.

But, for curb appeal, the most prominent area of your property will be the front yard. What you do there will go a long way to influencing the first impressions and initial reactions you get from passersby about your home. You can even increase the value of your property if you get it right.

Nothing is stopping you from putting a putting green in your front yard but most homeowners focus on the aesthetics — beautifying the front of their homes with some eye-catching landscaping or a rolling, luscious lawn with well-appointed features.

Why install synthetic turf in your front yard?

artificial grass for front yard

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your front yard without the worries of constantly watering, cutting, fertilizing and weeding, you’ve found the answer with artificial grass.

These are the main reasons that Texan homeowners are increasingly turning to synthetic turf for their front yard spaces:

  • Very low maintenance: an occasional brush against the direction of the pile and a hose down is all your grass will require to keep your front lawn looking lush and verdant.
  • Water conservation: water is in increasingly short supply and droughts affect large parts of Texas, so an artificial grass front yard area can help you get around the water bans and save you money.
  • Save lawn service costs: you won’t need to call in the gardeners or lawn service team every month to help with the upkeep of your front yard.
  • Aesthetics: no bald or brown patches, sun damage or other common problems that affect real grass. Just authentic-looking grass that stays looking natural and lush all year round with minimal effort on your part.
  • Durability: high-quality artificial grass can last 10-15 years or more — even in the harsh Texan climate and in high-traffic areas.
  • Multiple different choices: artificial grass now comes in different designs and qualities to match the intended usage; technology has come a long way since AstroTurf in the 1960s!
  • Works with landscaping: all the standard features you want to include in your front yard can stay; your artificial turf ideas will work around other landscaping (both soft and hardscaping features).

Synthetic grass costs more to install than real grass but you’ll enjoy the benefits for many years — and every month it will pay you back with lower bills.

10 front yard artificial grass ideas

OK, let’s get into some design ideas for artificial grass in your front yard. The examples you’ll see here have been installed by the team at Artificial Grass Pros. Remember, our work comes with an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

Get creative with your front lawn shape

Depending on the space you have to work with at the front of your house, you can mix and match with an interestingly-shaped lawn and some landscaping.

Artificial grass can be cut and managed into almost any shape you want, so you don’t have to stick with a standard rectangular form. The curvy shaped lawn next to the driveway in the example below adds natural contours to the front of this beautiful house and breaks up the paved driveway.

modern artificial grass front yard

Run your lawn on either side of a pathway

A pristine artificial lawn looks inviting at the front of the house, broken up by a pathway as in the example below. 

Note how the curvature of the lawn beautifully matches the subtle curvature of the front pathway — it doesn’t have to be all straight lines and angles with artificial grass.

front yard fake grass

Run your lawn around landscaped trees 

Verdant artificial grass perfectly complements the earthy and grainy features of trees. 

In this front yard artificial turf example, the lawn area offsets landscaped tree areas using circular retaining walls and it also borders an interesting area of plants and flowers. The whole front yard area has a manicured feel to it because of its neat borders:

artificial turf front yard idea

Border your lawn with shrubs and hedges

Another great way to border a front lawn is with well-kept shrubs and hedges like in the example below. Neatly trimmed hedges separate the artificial grass front lawn from the front of the house:

front yard artificial grass 2

Run your artificial lawn around flower beds 

Well-maintained flower beds in the front yard are a sure sign that the homeowner takes pride in their property. 

In this example, an artificial turf front lawn snakes a path between trees and flower beds to provide striking color and contours at the front of the house:

artificial turf in front yard garden

Add some pebbles, rocks and stones

The use of pebbles, rocks and stones (and gravel) is another effective addition to a front yard and a great way to border a front lawn area to make it a little more interesting. Darker-colored (gray or black) pebbles can make your front lawn pop:

front yard artificial grass 3

This solution is extremely low-maintenance as you barely need to lift a finger to keep it in tip-top condition. 

Weave artificial grass between front yard pavers

Weaving artificial grass between natural stone pavers at the front of your house can help you achieve a modern look:

front yard artificial grass tile

Add a bench or other garden furniture

Adding a bench or some other garden furniture is an interesting way to add some character to the front yard area too. This one is in a classic style:

front yard artificial grass garden

Add a water feature

Some homeowners even opt for water features at the front of the house — these can be modern ponds or rock pools, classic fountains or more rustic in design, like this rock garden with cascading water:

front yard artificial grass and rock landscaping

Accent your front lawn with lights 

Accent lighting can beautify the front of your house and it can be installed at the same time as your artificial grass:

Does the client have an image we can use to show accent lighting at the front of a house with artificial grass?

Commercial front areas with artificial grass 

Artificial grass is also ideal for the front of commercial premises. When clients, visitors, guests and staff approach the business, a manicured front lawn that looks perfect all year round makes an impressive statement. 

But that’s probably a story for another blog post…

front of store artificial grass


What’s the best artificial grass for front yards?

The type of artificial grass you select for your front yard will depend on many factors: precise usage, expected foot traffic, size of the area, budget, climate and so on. 

Often, front yard artificial grass will see more limited traffic than backyard areas, so durability is less of an issue but at Artificial Grass Pros, we ensure that all artificial turf stands up to years of wear and tear and the Texan climate.

What are some modern artificial grass front yard ideas?

We’ve included a few modern artificial grass ideas above. Artificial grass has a natural contemporary feel and it can look extra modern when combined with neutral-colored pavers and other front yard features.

Getting started with your front yard is easy…

You can do a lot more in your front yard than simply replace your grass lawn with synthetic grass. Several beautiful landscaping ideas can add great appeal and value to the front of your property to create a positive first impression — all with virtually no maintenance.

At Artificial Grass Pros, we can look after your entire front yard project — from laying an artificial turf lawn to adding garden features and landscaping.

Discuss your ideas for your front yard artificial grass installation by reaching out to our helpful team. Get a quote by calling Artificial Grass Pros at 512.296.1500. 

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