12 Artificial Grass Wall Design Ideas for Homes in Texas

Feb 7, 2024 | Artificial Grass

Introducing more greenery and natural surroundings both in the home and outside are popular design trends for homes in Austin and beyond.

Artificial grass walls provide the visual attraction of natural grass without the challenges of having to grow and tend real grass.

With synthetic turf, stunning green spaces can be created with virtually no effort required after they’re installed.

Let’s take a closer look at some artificial grass wall design ideas to add an instant splash of color and nature to your home—after first considering a few factors you’ll need to weigh up before designing a grass wall for your home. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is an artificial grass wall?

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Artificial grass walls are interior and exterior design ideas installed using synthetic turf. The best ones employ realistic-looking synthetic grass to achieve a natural, verdant look in yards and balcony areas, as well as living rooms, washrooms, and even bedrooms in the most creative homes and commercial areas.

This is the same type of grass that’s increasingly installed in backyard landscaping as well as front yard lawns areas, swimming pool areas, kids’ playgrounds, sports fields, and more across Texas.

Beyond their natural visual appeal, artificial grass walls can serve practical purposes too: they can effectively absorb sound and provide insulation, as well as being fire retardant.

Factors to consider before designing a grass wall

The main factors to consider before installing a synthetic grass wall are:


What are you trying to achieve with your grass wall installation? Simply aesthetic beauty or do you want to sound-proof/insulate an area of your home or add privacy?

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The cost of artificial grass varies depending on its quality, intended use, and features but it will compare very favorably with real grass over the years. Set an appropriate budget for the quality of turf you need for your grass wall.

Grass quality 

You may not need putting-green-quality grass or the most durable type of synthetic grass that’s used in kids’ playgrounds—but better-quality, higher-density grass will look and feel superior and stand the test of time better too.

The best artificial grass appears highly realistic and is also UV-resistant, color-tight/fade-proof, easy to keep clean, and long-lasting (15-20 years). It requires minimal maintenance beyond an occasional cross brush.

Color tones and shades

Artificial grass has come a long way since the 1960s Astroturf. The best varieties closely resemble the complex color tones of real grass—with thatch and two-tone grass blade coloration incorporated.

Artificial grass colors may look different on a roll in a store than when installed on a grass wall at home—with different lighting and around different décor. It’s best to seek professional design advice before creating your wall installation.

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Pile height

Different grass blade lengths (pile heights) can provide different aesthetics and uses for your artificial grass walls. Longer pile heights provide a lusher look and greater insulation/sound proofing while short pile lengths may offer a ”cleaner”, sharper look.


You don’t need to prepare the ground carefully like you do for artificial grass backyard lawns but a fake grass wall still requires professional installation. 

Benefits of artificial grass for walls

Artificial grass can be used on the walls or even ceilings in your home as well as the ground or walls outside your home.

When used on an interior or exterior wall, it has several benefits over using real grass:

  • Lasts longer
  • Ultra-low maintenance – no cutting/watering
  • Easy to clean 
  • Allergy-free
  • UV-resistant
  • Looks and feels like natural grass
  • Adds color without painting or using wallpaper
  • Provides sound-proofing and insulation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Pet-friendly
  • Versatility – many uses and applications
  • Modern aesthetic 
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Cost-effective

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When using synthetic grass as a ground covering in your yard rather than a wall covering, there are further benefits, such as durability and the lack of watering, weeding, seeding, aerating or fertilizing.

12 ideas for artificial grass wall design 

Where do you put your grass wall?

There are few limits to interior and exterior design. You’ll see artificial grass walls in outside areas, such as yards, entertainment areas, terraces, and balconies serving functional purposes as well as design ones. 

Inside the home, you’ll find them brightening up living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, bringing a natural and modern aesthetic to spaces.

Here are a few of the best artificial grass wall design ideas…

1. Artificial grass terrace wall at the front of your home

    A front terrace is the ideal place to welcome people to your home with color and vibrancy. A lush green backdrop behind some well-placed seating can look stunning, adding curb appeal and charm to your home and creating a relaxing space to sit, chat, and entertain.

    This is especially useful if the front of your house is showing signs of age, as it can cover unsightly blemishes or inconsistencies in the façade.

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    2. Liven up an outdoor sitting area with a grass wall

    If the sitting areas outside your home are largely surrounded by drab concrete, artificial grass panel walls can liven them up with a touch of nature.

    Look at the contrast between the vibrant green and solemn gray in this example:

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    3. Install a grass wall on your balcony

      It can be tough to find greenery in apartment blocks. Artificial grass helps you solve that issue—either with lush artificial grass flooring or a verdant balcony wall.

      Here’s a good example of how an artificial grass wall can really “lift” the appearance of a balcony, while also providing soundproofing and privacy.

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      4. Artificial grass wall in the washroom 

      The calm serenity of nature can be just what you need to create a relaxing ambiance in the bathroom. That’s why there is usually plenty of greenery in spas.

      Consider some green accents to your washroom spaces with an artificial grass wall—perhaps supplemented with a few indoor plants.

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      Remember, because artificial grass is moisture-resistant and easy to clean, it’s ideal for bathroom usage.

      5. Creative artificial grass panels on a staircase

        Vibrant green goes well with neutral colors (white, cream, beige, taupe, gray, etc.) and stands out in areas of the home like staircases, which are sometimes neglected. 

        In this example, the artificial green panels leading up the staircase catch the eye and focus attention on this striking feature of the home:

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        6. Accent walls with artificial grass—anywhere in the home!

          Artificial grass can be used for natural “accenting” almost anywhere inside the home—from the hallway or entrance through to the bedroom or bathroom.

          With accenting, less is sometimes more. You can add depth and contrast, highlighting the natural features of your home. Choose a high-quality, realistic-looking grass of the right color tone.

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          7. A roof garden with an artificial grass wall

          City dwellers are often surrounded by a concrete jungle. The desire for some greenery can be strong but space or other practicalities often get in the way. 

          A rooftop garden can bring a splash of nature to the surroundings without requiring any more space—as in this example:

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          8. Create a living room centerpiece

            Regardless of whether you have wooden, tiled, concrete or carpeted floors in your living room, an artificial grass wall as the centerpiece of your living room can be a simple but stylish statement.

            Check out this small apartment that does just that:

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            9. Sleep next to a serene artificial grass wall

              Sleeping in a serene, natural environment is the ideal for many people. An artificial grass wall can help you bring this type of calm ambiance to your bedroom, as in this example:

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              10. Install an artificial grass hedge in the yard

                A grass wall in the yard can be made to resemble a lush, green hedge—but without all the work involved in keeping it green and healthy, trimmed, and not bothering the neighbors. Once the artificial grass covers the wall, it looks pristine for years to come with no maintenance.

                In this example, the homeowner has installed decorative panels between the artificial grass panels:

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                11. Add decorative elements to your grass wall 

                  Get creative with an indoor or outdoor artificial grass wall by hanging decorative flowers, lighting or other features with it.

                  In this example, an extensive wall inside the home is broken up by paneling and decorative faux natural features:

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                  12. Geometric shapes of artificial grass on the wall

                    Another way to get creative with artificial grass in your home is to have it cut into geometric shapes to adorn your walls. Take a look at this example that uses spheres of artificial grass for a stunning wall feature:

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                    What type of artificial grass is right for walls?

                    Artificial grass for walls varies from low-quality grass found in budget online stores to very high-quality grass that closely resembles the look and feel of real grass.

                    If you plan to install artificial grass on a wall, you probably don’t need much of it. It’s best to choose the highest quality, most realistic-looking grass available with a vibrant color and a lush texture. Make sure that the color tones match the other décor choices you make.

                    Pile heights vary greatly—from the putting green type grass to very lush, long-bladed varieties. Generally speaking, the longer the pile height, the more warmth and plushness you bring to the home.

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                    Create beautiful living spaces with synthetic grass

                    Artificial grass is most commonly used to create sprawling, low-maintenance, water-free lawns or other backyard areas but designers are increasingly bringing this type of turf creatively into the home as well as the yard.

                    Walls decorated with synthetic grass add color and a natural ambiance to indoor and outdoor spaces—from accent walls in bathrooms to lifelike hedge walls running down the side of the yard. Attractive, convenient, long-lasting, ultra-low maintenance, and affordable interior or exterior design options are plentiful.

                    Choose high-quality, realistic-looking grass with a vibrant color and a lush texture for the look you want for your home.

                    if you’re based in the Austin area, the team at Artificial Grass Pros can help you do that. Call us at 512-296-1500 to start the discussion.

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