Five Factors That Impact the Lifespan of Artificial Grass

Apr 17, 2023 | Artificial Grass, Artificial Pet Turf, Commercial Artificial Turf, Pool Turf, Putting Greens, Sports Turf

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Do you know how long artificial grass is expected to last? 

You may be surprised at its amazing longevity. It’s one of the main reasons that its appeal is rising around the country.

But not every fake lawn will last as long as you are expecting. Many factors affect the lifespan of artificial grass and understanding their impact can help you extend the life of your lawn and reap more value from your investment.

How long your synthetic grass will last depends largely on five factors:

  1. Level of traffic
  2. Attention to maintenance 
  3. How quickly minor issues are repaired
  4. The climate
  5. The quality of the installation 

Let’s get into it…

How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial grass in your yard can easily last 8-12 years even without much maintenance, and twice as long as that with just a little care and attention.

“Synthetic turf sports fields are typically warranted for eight years, but their life expectancy will depend to a great extent on the amount and type of usage and the maintenance it receives. When it comes to landscape applications, synthetic turf can last much longer than fields.”

Synthetic Turf Council

Even if we settle on an average of 12-15 years for backyard synthetic grass, it represents a remarkable investment when considering the saved water, zero landscaping costs and the time saved from not having to mow or water frequently. Then there’s the benefit of reduced chemical inflow into the soil.

Let’s look into this a little deeper…

Which factors affect the longevity of your artificial lawn?

The following are the main factors that will decide how long your synthetic lawn will last…

  1. Level of traffic

The level and intensity of traffic clearly affect fake grass longevity as more activity means more wear and tear. It’s no surprise that a busy tennis court lasts far less time than a home lawn with only intermittent use from a family.

how long does artificial grass last

Even artificial turf in high-use areas and with sporting usage can easily last many years. The key is making sure you select turf meant for a high amount of use in areas that will see lots of foot traffic. 

Even home usage can vary, though. If your children and a golden retriever use it daily as a play area, the throughput is more likely to be heavier than for a professional married couple with no children or pets.

  1. Attention to maintenance 

Artificial lawns are very low maintenance compared to real grass. That’s no secret — but they shouldn’t be thought of as “zero maintenance”.

By taking a few of the following steps you can keep your turf looking in tip-top condition for years — and easily extend its life significantly:

  • Intermittent watering with a garden hose to remove debris (especially important in the drier areas of Texas).
  • Intermittent sweeping or raking to clear debris from your turf and turf infill.
  • Removing pet waste or food to reduce unwanted odors and the threat of insects (flies and other bugs).
how long does artificial grass last with dogs
  1. How quickly minor issues are repaired

Repairing any areas of your synthetic lawn that become worn or torn can prevent minor issues from expanding into larger ones.

Small rips or tears in fake turf can happen and are easy to repair. You can extend the life of your lawn with prompt attention.

The professionals at Artificial Grass Pros can help you assess and fix any problems that arise with your synthetic turf.

  1. The climate

The minimal rainfall and water restrictions in many parts of Texas, Nevada and Arizona are partly why many households and businesses here are turning to artificial grass: it dramatically reduces water usage.

While the weather in most of these areas is ideal for an artificial lawn installation, it’s important to choose the right synthetic grass for the climate. Excessive direct sunlight can reduce the longevity of some lawns.

  1. The quality of the installation 

This is related to all the previous points but lower-quality turf installations often suffer more readily from wear and tear due to traffic, lack of maintenance/repairs, and so on.

Choose the right lawn installation team to recommend the type of grass you need and to manage the installation professionally from start to finish. Then you can rest assured that you will have the right materials to withstand the heat and sunshine without degrading or discoloring.

Don’t be tempted to cut corners or do a DIY job as it could come back and bite you. Problems associated with poorly installed infill, pooling water/poor drainage, uneven turf, lifted edges that create safety hazards and so on are relatively common in sub-standard installation.

The team at Artificial Grass Pros has been managing professional artificial turf installations since 2014. Our projects install durable fake grass that easily handles the Texan conditions and we can provide a prompt quote once we know your requirements.

How long does artificial grass last with dogs?

Dogs can be much harder on artificial grass than humans — the wear and tear from dogs playing in the yard is more comparable with that of artificial turf in a sports area.

How Often To Replace Artificial Grass

While dogs can potentially shave years off the life of an artificial grass installation, it does depend on the size and energy levels of your dog and the quality of the installation. 

Remember, a little care and attention to maintenance and repairs over the years will help you extend the life of the lawn.

See Our Artificial Turf For Pets

How do you know when it’s time to replace your synthetic lawn?

If you pay attention to the above factors and work with professionals, the chances of your synthetic grass lasting the distance are greatly improved.

But there comes a time in every lawn’s life when… it’s time to be replaced.

Look out for the following signs that you need to consider a new artificial lawn:

  • Loose areas with tripping hazards
  • Damaged blades with noticeable wear and tear
  • Discoloration in large areas

Sometimes, outdoor areas with new artificial grass can add value to a property on the market and a new installation can boost the sale price.

Save time and money with artificial grass…

By installing a synthetic lawn, you can potentially save thousands of dollars over its lifespan. The return on investment can be in as little as 3-5 years, which means that the remaining decade and more represents money saved over a regular lawn.

Whether you want to install new artificial grass or replace a worn and torn area, we can help if you’re based in Texas.

We provide a limited 15-year warranty that covers any defects in workmanship. Find out more about our professional artificial turf services and get a quote by contacting Artificial Grass Pros



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