Is Artificial Grass Too Hot In Summer?

Nov 8, 2022 | Artificial Grass, Artificial Pet Turf

Artificial grass is a fantastic choice for homeowners who want to lower the cost and hassle of maintaining their yards. Especially in hotter parts of the country like Texas, many are concerned with how hot artificial turf can get during summer months. It can be a concern as artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers, which do get hotter than natural grass. Natural grass’ ability to absorb water allows it to stay cooler than synthetic grass. However, technology advances made over the past decade have significantly improved artificial lawn turf’s ability to stay cool during hot and sunny days. It is no-longer the hot, green rug of the 1990s! Artificial grass will never as hot as other landscaping materials in your backyard including decking, iron items, pavers and asphalt. It will not burn your feet or your pet’s feet, even on the hottest summer day.

How You Can Keep Synthetic Grass Cool During Hot Days?

While summer days do get hot in Texas, it is rare that artificial grass will become uncomfortable to us. If you choose to install high-quality artificial turf, you won’t have to complain about it getting too hot during the summer. Here are a few helpful tips to cool off your fake grass:

Choose High-Quality Artificial Grass

There are a wide variety of artificial turf types and qualities available today. They are each made of different materials with various construction quality. Top-grade artificial grass performs much better than the cheap stuff – in durability, staying cool and look. Good quality synthetic grass will more rapidly lose absorbed heat. Making the investment in top quality artificial grass will absolutely help your surface stay cool

Select Infill Material Wisely

Infill material performs a variety of functions and selecting the proper infill material will significantly change how well your artificial grass cools down. Today, the most popular infill materials are crumb rubber, silica sand, and durafill sand. Crumb rubber is typically used for sports field because it helps absorb impacts, but it absorbs way more heat than other infill types. If you’ve ever played on a turf sports field during a hot summer day, you know what we’re talking about! However, both sand options don’t absorb as much heat and are able to dissipate heat much more quickly than crumb rubber. You should also ask for professional advice in selecting the right infill material for your synthetic grass. Artificial Grass Pros will give you the professional advice that you’re seeking.

Keep Natural Shade Areas

If you have trees around your synthetic lawn, try not to cut them down. Trees can provide your lawn and artificial grass some nice shade during hot days!

Think About Artificial Shade

Installing a canopy, awning or covering can be a good way to make any outdoor area more bearable during those hot, summer days – this includes areas with artificial grass.

Water Down Your Artificial Turf To Cool It Off

Synthetic grass cools off quickly when it’s sprayed with water. You can simply turn on your sprinkler system or break our your hose to cool off the turf in a matter of minutes. Sprinklers can also be fun for the kids without creating a muddy mess. The design, manufacturing and installation of today’s artificial grass simply does not compare with the quality of grass made even a few years ago. Today, manufacturers are focused on using advanced technology to manufacture artificial turf that stays cool even during the Texas summer.

Take Advice from Artificial Grass Pros, An Artificial Grass Specialist in Austin, Texas

You shouldn’t have to worry about how hot your synthetic grass gets during the summer in Austin. As a reliable synthetic grass company located in Austin, Texas, we always help our customers choose the right artificial turf to meet their needs. We only deal with high-quality artificial grass that requires minimal maintenance and stays like new for longer. Get in touch with us at any time to ask questions and find the right solution to prevent your fake grass from getting hot in summer. We’ll provide helpful tips to keep it cool!

Artificial Grass Pros proudly serves Atlanta & Austin area. 

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