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Artificial Grass Pros in Nashville can help your golfing dream come alive with a customized backyard putting green that rolls just like the real thing. Putting green turf is affordable, durable low-maintenance, and can help you improve your short golf game from the comfort of your backyard.





Install a Putting Green in Your Own Backyard

One reason why backyard putting greens were once so rare was the amount of maintenance required to keep the green looking in good shape. Golf clubs hire specialist greenkeepers but artificial putting green grass is so easy to manage (no watering, mowing, fertilizing or aerating) that homeowners can easily look after their greens without professional help.

An artificial putting green will look pristine all year round with minimal maintenance, performing like a professional-grade surface, while draining well and easily standing up to the Nashville climate.

Stunning Custom Green Designs

Artificial grass provides a natural-looking, natural-rolling area to improve your short golf game — with stunning custom green designs that our professional team can help you with.

From simple, one- or two-hole greens in small backyards to more expansive pro-style greens with contours, tiers, fringe, sand, water, and chipping areas, we can advise you on the type of grass, suggested features, and a professional installation that lasts the distance.

Improve your short game for the long term

Regardless of your proficiency at golf, you can enhance your short game with confidence on a green made from our attractive and resilient artificial grass. 

Artificial Grass Pros in Nashville installs golf and putting turf backed by a 15-year product warranty and a 10-year warranty on workmanship. Since 2014, our team has assisted over 5,000 homeowners and businesses in reaping the rewards of backyard turf installations.

Get The Natural Bounce And Roll To Suit Your Game 

Our artificial turf experts collaborate with you to attain the desired bounce and roll for your chipping area and putting green. 

All artificial putting green grass installations are customized to various difficulty levels. Whether you aspire to help your kids reach professional status, aim to impress guests, or simply want a tranquil backyard haven, our golf turf professionals will help you get the look, feel, and performance you need.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Putting Green In Nashville?

Realistic Golf Performance

High-quality artificial grass that is designed for use on golf greens and installed correctly can perfectly match the realistic roll and bounce of a golf ball.

Country Club Quality Turf

The golf turf we install is the best product available, matching Country Club quality and with a lifespan that can stretch to two decades.

Minimal Maintenance

There’s no trimming, aerating, seeding, weeding, fertilizing or watering your putting green. You save time and money on the standard maintenance required.

Real Grass Look And Feel

Artificial turf has come a long way in the past two decades and the best varieties closely resemble the look and feel of natural grass.

Completely Customizable

All putting greens are custom-designed to fit the shape and size of your backyard and to include all the features you want — and none of those you don’t.

Golfers of All Skill Levels Can Enjoy

No matter if you are just starting or have been playing your whole, we can build a custom course for your skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have pet-related questions about artificial turf. We answer some common questions below.

How Do You Make A Putting Green In A Backyard?

Each green is completely customized to your backyard, skill level, and preferences. Our experienced estimators can help you explore a wide array of features from bunkers, tiers, water, and undulations to a single-hole practice green. Your green will be professionally installed with the correct ground preparation, base layer, and choice of grass and infill.

Can You Help Design My Backyard Putting Green?

Yes, our professionals can help you design your backyard putting green. We’ve already helped many homeowners bring their dreams to life. To get you started, here are a few backyard putting green ideas.

How Easy Is Backyard Turf To Clean?

Cleaning synthetic turf is easy! Leaf blowers work great to remove any leaves during fall and a quick spray with a hose helps keep it extra fresh. Back-brushing with a soft brush is recommended for most golf greens.

Does Artificial Grass Get Hot in Nashville?

Artificial grass can get slightly hotter than natural grass on very hot days but not uncomfortably so. Smart technology has helped to keep high-quality artificial grass and infill cool even during the summer months.

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

The artificial turf we install is backed by a 15-year product warranty from the turf manufacturer. Artificial grass can last longer than 15 years if cared for properly.

What Is The Cost Of A Backyard Putting Green?

Artificial grass has higher upfront costs than natural grass but its main economic benefits come from the low maintenance requirements over the 15 to 20 years of its lifespan. Compared with real grass, artificial backyard putting greens amount to a fraction of the cost over the long term.

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Installation Warranty Disclaimer


Thank you for your interest in turf installation services provided by Artificial Grass Pros.

This 15-year warranty applies to the installation workmanship, and only for the installation workmanship provided by Artificial Grass Pros (the "Workmanship").

This limited 15-year warranty covers any defects in Workmanship. During the warranty period, Artificial Grass Pros will repair or replace, at no charge, installation work that was improperly installed.

This limited warranty does not cover any conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in workmanship. Specific exclusions to the limited lifetime warranty include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Damage to utility wires, underground lines and / or water or gas piper during installation
  • Damage caused by humans and / or animals after installation
  • Irrigation once we leave property (including sprinklers)
  • Acts of nature (floods, fire, etc.)
  • Melted or damaged turf caused by the reflected damage
  • Wear related issues including matting
  • HOA or impervious cover restrictions
  • Drainage

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