7 Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

Apr 4, 2023 | Artificial Grass

Aren’t you tired of dealing with the never-ending hassle, expense, and effort it takes to maintain a natural grass lawn? We have the solution: artificial grass. You can have the perfect green lawn year-round with only a fraction of the hard work and money you’d spend caring for real grass.

Then, take it a step further and combine the ease of fake grass with the classic look of pavers. Below, we’ll list seven artificial grass and pavers ideas to elevate the curb appeal of your yard and other outdoor spaces. These trendy landscape designs utilize synthetic turf and pavers, creating a striking new look for your home.

The Many Benefits of Using Artificial Grass and Pavers

If you’ve ever driven by a house with a lush, manicured lawn and bright green grass, you probably felt a stab of envy. After all, most homeowners would love to have a carpet of lush green grass in their backyard.

Unfortunately, achieving that level of beauty with natural grass takes a lot of hard work, time, and money. Natural lawns are high-maintenance and require regular mowing, watering, and applying fertilizer and pesticides. Now, more homeowners are installing fake grass and synthetic turf in their yards, which takes far less effort and money to maintain.

Artificial grass has numerous advantages over real grass:

    • Synthetic turf only requires minimal maintenance and care – no more mowing!

    • Artificial turf looks healthy, green, and beautiful all year long

    • Fake grass doesn’t need watering, which saves money on your water bill

    • Artificial turf is eco-friendly and eliminates chemical runoff from pesticides

    • An synthetic lawn creates a comfortable, soft cushion without any mud, dirt, or rocks

    • Synthetic grass lawns have better drainage, limiting runoff and ground erosion

How Durable is Artificial Grass with Pavers?

More homeowners are investing in an artificial grass installation with natural stone or concrete pavers instead of a natural grass lawn. This landscape design combination is beautiful, versatile, low-maintenance, and highly durable.

Fake grass lasts between 10 and 20 years, depending on the quality of turf and infill (i.e., use silica infill instead of rubber) and how much maintenance and care it receives. Also, the cost of fake grass installation is so low that most homeowners see a total ROI (return on investment) from their turf in as little as three to five years.

Pavers have a longer lifespan, although it varies based on the material. For example, brick lasts between 25 and 75 years, concrete slabs between 25 and 50 years, travertine can last over 100, and stone will last virtually forever with the proper care.

artificial grass between pavers

Artificial Grass Between Pavers: Design Ideas for Your Front Yard

1. Line Your Driveway with Fake Grass and Create a Patio Walkway

Driveways don’t have to be simple and boring. Upgrade your lawn with a synthetic turf installation surrounding the driveway. Then, make your new landscaping idea pop by lining the fake grass edges with bricks and real flower gardens. You can also use greenery like hostas, ivy, or periwinkles.

Next, enhance your synthetic turf yard with a walkway of concrete pavers leading to the front door, patio, backyard, etc. You can lay the concrete in geometric patterns or use small runners of turf between the slabs to create an eye-catching effect. Your artificial grass and pavers should have adequate drainage to prevent water from puddling on the lawn every time it rains.

2. Cut Your Artificial Turf Into Non-Traditional Shapes

Who said lawns have to be square? By cutting fake grass in unusual shapes, you can take an otherwise drab area in your front yard and make it look ultra-modern. For example, you could cut your artificial turf in a kidney-bean shape or use greenery to accentuate hardscape elements like your patio, porch, or fence. Or, try something completely unique by arranging your synthetic grass and pavers in a puzzle-shaped or contrasting design. The sky’s the limit!

3. Create a Lattice-Board Landscape Design with Artificial Turf and Pavers

You can makeover your front lawn with artificial grass and pavers arranged in an elegant lattice-board pattern. You cut the turf into diamond shapes, with concrete, bricks, or flagstone pavers forming criss-cross lines in the space between. Once you’ve installed both materials in your front yard, accentuate the edges with lighting or flowers. You can lay the bottom of the fake turf snugly against the ground for neat, clean lines or raise it above the paver slabs, creating a fluffy overspill for a more natural-looking lawn.

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Backyard Artificial Grass and Pavers: Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with These Ideas

4. Accentuate Your Backyard Pool with Pavers and Artificial Turf to Create a Beautiful Summer Sanctuary

If you have a pool in your backyard with those basic concrete slabs, you can upgrade it by installing synthetic turf and pavers. All it takes is some creative landscaping to elevate a simple-looking in-ground pool into a summer sanctuary.

You can start by ditching the basic slabs and installing flagstone pavers around your pool to create a more sophisticated backyard landscape. The pavers should extend about two to four feet past the pool’s edge. Beyond the pavers, install synthetic grass across the rest of the pool space for a comfortable, soft surface where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the sun. You can also create flagstone walkways in the fake grass leading back to the house, patio, fire pit, garden, or another outdoor space in your backyard.

backyard artificial grass and pavers

5. Install a Backyard Putting Green with Artificial Grass

Wouldn’t it be cool if you installed a putting green in your backyard? You can create the ultimate outdoor living area by adding a putting green using fake grass. Or, why not install a fire pit, barbeque, and a rock walkway surrounding the entire backyard?

The best synthetic grass materials for putting greens are nylon or polypropylene, with high-quality silica sand infill, and a dense surface of grass blades. You should hire a professional to handle the installation process for such a complex landscape design to prevent issues like poor backyard drainage or soil erosion.

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6. Create a Circular Patio and Backyard Fire Pit with Pavers and Artificial Grass

Square-shaped patios are boring and outdated. Instead, make your backyard into a completely new space with a hardscape patio in a circular shape. In the middle, you can add a fire pit or chiminea with seating for your family and friends. Install artificial turf around the rest of the backyard and up to the patio edges. Leave them bare for a clean, modern look, or add flowers to boost visual appeal.

7. Give Your Backyard and Patio a Makeover with Artificial Turf and Checkerboard Pavers

You can give the shady patio in your backyard a completely brand-new look with a simple artificial grass installation. Instead of using traditional concrete pavers, tile, or other hard-surface slabs for flooring, install fake grass to make a soft, inviting space. Add some comfy chairs and smooth glass tables to complete the look. Using fake grass as flooring works best with smaller patios.

Another take on this trendy landscape design is to install square slabs of stone or concrete pavers separated by strips of artificial turf, which best suits a large backyard patio. The installation is relatively simple and gives the illusion of a checkerboard pattern. Or, you can make your backyard patio pop even more by installing circular-shaped pavers instead of square.

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Transform Your Home with Artificial Grass and Paver Design Ideas

If your home and yard need a makeover, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to make it happen. Instead, use the synthetic grass and pavers ideas we just listed to elevate its curb appeal. Even better, installing synthetic turf lets you avoid all the hard work, hassle, and expense that maintaining a natural grass lawn requires.

With an artificial turf installation, you can save money, benefit the environment, and enjoy the beauty of a lush, green, and healthy backyard year-round. Contact Artificial Grass Pros to learn more about our synthetic turf services and book your free quote with our team.

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