How Much Does It Cost To Install Artificial Turf in Austin?

Nov 8, 2022 | Artificial Grass, Artificial Pet Turf, Austin

Artificial turf continues to become increasingly popular for home and business owners. Improvements in artificial grass technology has led to turfs that provide the look and feel of real grass and requires nearly zero maintenance. It is ideal for homes and commercial properties. However, there are many things to consider before you buy and install it on your property. One of the most important considerations is price, along with the cost of installation. It can be challenging to get an accurate price estimate by searching online given the abundance of inaccurate information and it is easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. This is because price may vary for several reasons.

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of installing synthetic grass, several of which we will cover in this article. The average cost of fully-installed turf is $7 – $11 per square foot. This can vary based on the size and shape of the area, type of turf installed, quality of installation, and other factors. While this per-square foot price is certainly more expensive than laying sod, the maintenance and water savings that you achieve with artificial grass means you make your money back in a few short years (not to mention the saved brain damage with never worrying about your yard again). We will dig into each important factor that changes the cost of artificial turf below.

Size and Shape of the Area

One of the most important factors that influences that cost of artificial grass installation is the size and shape of the area that needs to be covered. For example, if the area has many curves and is uneven, it will likely cost more to install than a perfectly square yard because an uneven shape requires more material to cover it. Additionally, in most cases the larger the project the less expensive your per-square-foot price will be!

Variety of Artificial Grass

The cost of synthetic grass depends on the type of artificial turf that you choose. There are a wide variety of artificial grass types available, and price depends on the quality, and type of turf that you select. For example, high-end putting green turf is more expensive than entry-level lawn turf. Typically, given the variety in product choices you can find the right artificial grass to fit your budget

Installation and Labor Cost

Some people who buy artificial turf opt for a DIY installation. One should remember that without the proper tools, equipment and experience, you might run into trouble. If synthetic turf is not installed properly, it can quickly deteriorate and wear out. Artificial grass is an investment in your home or business and you should leave it in the hands of a professional. You will be guaranteed a quality install the first time and it typically saves you money in the long run. Professional installation costs include yard preparation, the artificial grass itself, and the installation. The cost will vary from one company to another, but its best to always choose a reliable company in Austin with a reputation for quality and service.

Redesigning the Area

You should also consider the current material located in the area you are choosing to replace with an artificial grass installation on your property. If there is natural grass in that area, it will cost you to remove the grass; this is only a consideration with a DIY installation. Any reputable artificial grass installer in Austin should include natural grass removal in the price. Installing synthetic turf on top of concreate doesn’t require any material removal, but you will need to ensure that the surface is properly prepared. A properly prepared surface will enhance the life of your fake grass.

Additional Costs

There are several additional costs of installing synthetic grass that might arise. Although they cost less than the turf itself, they do need to be considered if you’re doing an DIY installation. You will need joint tape and adhesive, turf nails, edging and more. You will also need to lay crushed concrete to provide a base for the turf to sit on and dried infill material to help the artificial turf blades stand up to your liking.

Services of an Artificial Grass Installer

When you use the services of an artificial turf installer the cost covers everything needed to prepare the area, purchase the turf, and install the turf. Pricing of artificial turf installers vary according to their experience, quality, knowledge and skills. When you are hiring one, be sure they have the experience and reputation to do the job adequately. There are many smaller installation companies that charge less but provide inferior quality installs and don’t come back to fix any issues if the installation isn’t perfect. At Artificial Gras Pros, we have experienced artificial grass installers in Austin, Texas. Our installation costs are fair, cost-effective and you can rest safely knowing that your installation will be the highest quality.

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