10 Artificial Grass Ideas for Small Gardens

Apr 16, 2024 | Artificial Grass

The versatility of artificial grass means it works well for homes of all sizes, even ones with small gardens, where space is at a premium.

Not every home can have a sprawling backyard lawn or a huge swimming pool. Across the country, American yards are shrinking in size.

But homeowners can get creative and use their space wisely to create the look and functionality they’re after.

With the help of artificial grass, most small gardens can still have an affordable, low-maintenance kids’ play area, a place to relax or even a swimming pool that looks immaculate all year.

Here’s how…

Install An Above-Ground Swimming Pool Surrounded By Artificial Grass

Large, expensive inground swimming pools may be what we picture in the “American dream” but the majority of homes don’t have the space or the budget for that.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas for budget backyard pools to give you and your family a place to cool off.

One of the best designs is a stock tank pool. This is a galvanized steel tank usually used to provide drinking water for cattle or horses. When you convert them into small pools, they look great and will delight the kids. Most suppliers provide eight- or ten-foot tanks. 

When pool turf is installed too,  you get a sun and chlorine-resistant ground covering that won’t have the kids trailing mud or grass clippings back through the home. You can even build decking around it like in the above example.

Design a Mini Backyard Putting Green

Golf lover? Or maybe you want to put a golf club in your child’s hand and see how he/she fares?

A great way to get putting practice without a trip to the local golf course is to install a small artificial grass putting green right there in your garden.

High-quality, synthetic putting green turf has transformed the possibilities for installing home golf areas. This grass, when properly installed, emulates the roll of a golf ball on a professional green—without the need for extensive maintenance, watering or green care.

While larger backyards might include a chipping area and sand or water, small backyards might only have the space for a couple of holes. Design your putting green to the space available and improve your short game without leaving home…

Use Synthetic Grass Around a Small Fire Pit 

An alternative type of seating area to a standard patio, terrace or balcony that works well for small gardens is a backyard fire pit.

Cozy evenings spent with the family or friends around the fire is a great American tradition in many parts of the country—and you can bring that to your home even if you have a small garden.

The best evergreen artificial turf is a perfect visual accompaniment to a stone firepit and will stand up well to heavy traffic while feeling lush and comfortable underfoot all year with next-to-no maintenance.

Take a look at this example, for instance:

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There are many other backyard fire pit ideas using artificial grass or other ground coverings if you’re considering this option for your garden.

Add Artificial Grass Between Pavers

Turf strips can look fantastic between stone, slate, tile or concrete pavers to form a small pathway across your garden as well as around a swimming pool. The beautiful contrast of neutral colors and emerald green can be eye-catching.

Caring for real grass between pavers can be tough because of the narrow strips. With artificial grass strips, there’s no mowing, trimming, edging, watering or concerns about mud or bald patches. Synthetic turf also stands up well to the hot sun.

Fit Artificial Turf In or Around a Dog House

Dogs can play and pee on artificial grass without homeowners having to worry too much about drainage, unpleasant odors, digging or mud trailing back through the home.

Special pet turf is designed to withstand all the rough and tumble of dogs and other pets so it makes an ideal surface either inside or outside a dog house in the garden. If you don’t have the space for a full-size dog run, you can still give your furry friend time outdoors in the fresh air in a safe and protected space.

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Install a Bocce Ball Court

Not all gardens have the space for a small sports field or kids’ play area. Bocce ball is a great alternative, as a game that blends elements of bowling, curling, and shuffleboard.

It’s a fun and skillful game that all the family can play at practically any time of the year, making ideal use of backyard space even if that space is limited.

Official bocce ball courts are around 86 feet long and 13 feet wide but smaller courts work well for small garden spaces and you can simply scale yours back to fit the available space. 

You can use artificial grass on the flattened ground of the bocce ball court itself and/or surround the playing area with turf for an ultra-low-maintenance, all-weather surface that looks fantastic throughout the year.

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Run Artificial Grass Up a Side Yard

If you’re pushed for space in your backyard, don’t forget the side yard, which can help you add a beautiful area of greenery to your home.

Lush, verdant, artificial grass will brighten up an otherwise neglected concrete area and can add curb appeal and value to your home if professionally installed and combined with pavers or other basic landscaping or garden work. 

Here’s a great example of clever use of small garden space in the side yard:

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The great thing about using artificial grass in the side yard is that these areas often get minimal sunshine because of the shadow of the home. This makes real grass tough to grow and maintain. With artificial grass, you need no sunshine and no effort!

Make a Chess or Checkerboard for The Kids

If you don’t have space for a fully-fledged playground in your back garden, you can still provide your children with a fun play area by designing a chess or checkerboard in the available space.

The beauty of this idea is that you may be able to use offcuts from a larger artificial grass area to make your chessboard.

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Design a Grass Wall In Your Garden

Don’t have ground space in your yard for a lawn or other artificial grass area? 

Because of turf’s versatility, you can use it vertically on walls and as backdrops as well as on the ground. It can even be used indoors or on balconies in apartments.

There are plenty of artificial grass wall ideas to inspire homeowners and here’s a good example of it being used creatively in a small space:

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Build a Small Entertainment or Barbecue Area

Not much room to entertain or have people over for a barbecue?

A smaller backyard means less space for your entertainment area but by using artificial grass as the ground surface, you still have many options. 

A small seated area with a barbecue might be just what you’re looking for when designing a place for you, your family, and a few friends to enjoy the good times together.

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Beautifully Landscaped Gardens With Artificial Grass…

Synthetic turf, with its low maintenance, year-round visual appeal, durability, and long-term cost-effectiveness, is highly attractive for homeowners—and you don’t need a huge backyard to benefit from it.

The above design ideas with artificial grass for small gardens will brighten up your space no matter how limited it is.

If you’re considering design ideas for a small backyard, discuss your options with an artificial grass professional.

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