10 Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

Apr 16, 2024 | Artificial Grass

If you’re thinking about switching to artificial grass because of its ultra-low maintenance, cost benefits or water-saving benefits—but are not quite sure how to use it in your backyard—read on.

There’s much more you can do with artificial grass than simply replacing a grass lawn.

Artificial turf is highly versatile. It suits almost any size of home, can be used indoors as well as in outdoor spaces, and makes many landscaping ideas come to life: from a backyard putting green for golf enthusiasts to a space for your pet dog to run and play.

To create a stunning yet affordable yard area, take a look at these ten synthetic grass landscaping ideas:

Design a Backyard Putting Green

Whether you’re trying to start your child early with a golf club in his/her hand or simply want to practice your putting and chipping closer to home than the local golf course, a backyard putting green is a viable option with synthetic turf.

A professionally installed backyard putting green looks immaculate, perfectly emulates the bounce and roll of a golf ball, and allows you to match the performance of the finest greens—with virtually no maintenance, no water usage, and absolutely no green fees!

Admittedly, this landscaping idea is mainly for homeowners with larger backyards (and a larger budget) but if you have the space and love golf, why not create a chipping area with sand bunkers too?

Check out our artificial grass putting green ideas for more customized landscaping ideas for golfing areas in your yard. Every backyard putting green installed by Artificial Grass Pros is customized and designed to last many years, even with heavy usage. 

Landscape The Backyard Pool Area

Backyard swimming pools should be surrounded by a soft, non-slippery, sun- and chlorine-resistant surface that feels great underfoot. Artificial grass ticks all of these boxes.

For homes in the southern and western states, where the climate creates high demand for swimming pools, artificial turf can add color, style, and practicality to pool areas.

Artificial grass remains cooler than paving stones even in the hot summer sun and there’s no trailing of mud or grass clippings in the pool or back through the house after a swim like with real grass. The turf also drains well if properly installed by professionals. 

Some homeowners prefer to combine turf strips and pavers around a backyard pool.

Design Your Artificial Lawn Around a Patio

If your budget extends to it, an artificial grass landscape idea to get the neighbors talking is to create a modern patio area with an undulating synthetic turf lawn surrounding it, like in this home that our team worked on recently:

The emerald shade of the grass works beautifully with the wood-paneled sitting area to create an eye-catching outdoor space. Even if your backyard is not this spacious, everything can be scaled down and still look fantastic.

Add a Water Feature To Your Artificial Grass Area

Another wonderful combination for a backyard if you are in a creative mood is a water feature, such as a fountain or pond, surrounded by artificial grass.

Although some homeowners replace real grass with artificial grass because of its water-saving properties, a water feature needn’t use much water, recycling it and reusing it repeatedly. 

If you’re concerned about water usage, choose a small pond over a large fountain or waterfall.

Add a Rock Garden To Your Turf area

An alternative artificial grass landscaping idea that uses no water at all is a rock garden. This can be an eye-catching addition to the backyard, contrasting the neutral rock colors with the verdant green of the synthetic grass. 

This is a great example:

Image Source

Synthetic grass also looks great when installed around other landscaping features, such as raised flower beds, trees or pavers.

Create An Area for Backyard Sports 

The best sports turf looks just as at home in the backyard as it does in some of the largest and most famous stadiums in the country.

Some larger homes have followed suit…

However, you don’t need to think large-scale for your backyard. If you don’t have the space for a small kids’ soccer pitch or a volleyball court, why not install a bocce ball court? That’s a game all the family can play and it doesn’t take up much space.

Combine Artificial Grass and Pea Gravel

Another affordable but eye-catching landscaping idea with artificial grass is combining the turf with a nearby pea gravel area. The two work well together in driveway areas, backyards, front yards, and commercial properties.

Pea gravel is available in several neutral shades from cream to gray and complements the lush, green, and realistic appearance of the artificial grass.

Design a Kids’ Play Area 

For homeowners with small children, a backyard playground with artificial grass may be a fantastic use of space.

Artificial grass is used extensively in public and commercial parks in the U.S. and in many of the best playgrounds because of its safety and low maintenance requirements.

Ground surfaces in playgrounds must meet special safety requirements and be able to withstand a certain impact force without causing injury; artificial grass will provide the necessary shock-absorbent protection if correctly installed.

All playground turf installed by our team meets the required safety standards and can withstand the rough and tumble of regular kids’ play.

Build a Dog Run

Homeowners with pets can rest assured that switching to artificial grass won’t cause any unwanted odor issues. Dogs can pee on artificial grass without you worrying about it not draining away or leaving pungent odors behind.

With the toughness, durability, and low maintenance requirements of pet turf, a dog run may be a top landscaping idea for your backyard, allowing your dog(s) to run and play safely and conveniently—without trashing the flower beds or trailing muddy paws through the house.

Image Source

Small, practical dog runs can be attached to existing structures or you might opt for a standalone dog run or a larger landscaped option.

Design a Backyard Fire Pit Area

Backyard fire pits are ideal for those colder winter evenings when you have guests over or just want to realx with the family.

Artificial grass can help you create a comfortable, low-maintenance area that looks pristine all year…

Image Source

Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas For Apartments 

Apartment living doesn’t necessarily mean that artificial grass serves no purpose for you. Your options are more limited, for sure, but we still see turf regularly adorning balconies, entertainment areas, swimming pools, and common areas around apartment buildings.

Good examples are seated rooftop areas, rooftop gardens or barbecue areas on larger balconies.

The splash of green in otherwise concrete-based urban landscapes can be welcome for residents while the low maintenance requirements and cost benefits of artificial grass are obvious attractions for building owners.

Why Use Artificial Grass Over Real Grass?

Artificial grass is growing in popularity in North America and worldwide. This is mainly because of the many perceived benefits over real grass, notably the ease with which homeowners can get an immaculate lawn at an affordable price with no effort these days.

Let’s summarize all of the main benefits:

  • Ultra-low maintenance: no cutting, trimming, weeding, aerating, fertilizing or pesticides. A simple brush and hose down or vacuum is all you need to clean artificial grass and keep it looking immaculate.
  • Cost-effective: no lawn service fees, water usage or lawnmowers to run saves money every month, rapidly repaying the installation costs Artificial grass usually pays for itself in five years.
artificial grass vs real grass cost
  • Water conservation: droughts affect large parts of the southwest and the increasing water usage restrictions in many states will not adversely affect backyards landscaped with artificial grass.
  • Immaculate appearance all year: customized landscaping with artificial grass gives you an immaculate look all year round in your yard with no bald patches, mud or sun damage. 
  • Durability: the best artificial grass frequently lasts 15 years or more — even in the harsh climate in the south/southwest or in high-traffic areas.
  • Environmentally friendly: though it’s made of plastic and needs to be recycled at the end of its life, synthetic grass requires no toxic chemicals, water or lawnmower fuel to maintain its appearance.
  • Pet-friendly: dogs, cats and other pets can play and pee on synthetic turf without you having to worry about drainage, unpleasant odors, muddy paws, holes or bald/yellow patches.
  • Works with existing or new landscaped features: our professional turf installation teams are used to working with existing soft and hard landscaping features, slopes, and obstacles in the yard. We can also advise on further landscaping ideas to inspire your backyard designs.

Main Considerations Before Designing Your Turf Landscaping Idea

Before you design any artificial grass landscaping idea for your front or back yard, you’ll need to bear in mind the following factors:

  • Available space
  • Main purpose – e.g., lawn, sports area, playground or dog run?
  • Budget (bearing in mind the significant installation cost of artificial grass)
  • Practical concerns like existing landscaping to contend with
  • Your design tastes/preferences
  • Whether pets will use the area

Artificial grass is flexible but it’s a good idea to consider each of the above before getting too far with designing your area.

Beautifully Landscaped Backyards With Artificial Grass…

Professionally designed and installed artificial grass landscaping ideas can brighten any backyard. Synthetic turf suits many purposes and is durable enough for high-traffic areas, ultra-low maintenance, and highly cost-effective over the long run.

If you’re considering some landscaping ideas, discuss your options with an artificial grass professional.

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